Proceedings from previous years of SVSFEM ANSYS User’s Meeting and Coference

2015 (click for download) – 23rd AUM (ISBN: 978-80-905525-2-4) [ONLINE version]

2014 (click for download) – 22nd AUM (ISBN: 978-80-905525-1-7)

2013 (click for download) – 21st meeting (ISBN: 978-80-905525-0-0)

2012 (click for download) – 20th Anniversary meeting (ISBN: 978-80-260-2722-5)

2011 (click for download) – 19th meeting (ISBN: 978-80-905040-0-4)

ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM)

All presentations are available for downloading from our ANSYS EKM system according to screenshots bellow. More details will be provided upon a request.

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