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26th SVSFEM ANSYS Users’ Group Meeting and Conference 2018

6.-8./6/2018, Atrium Hotel (Nový Smokovec, Slovenská republika)


About the Meeting

The conference is the most significant event about numerical simulations in East Europe. It has associated specialists from an industry and universities which define a direction of actual theoretical and engineering problems with global impact on a society and the actual level of knowledge for more than 20 years. This meeting is an extraordinary event particularly for the whole FEM community involved professional specialists, educationalists, students and project managers as well.

This every-year meeting has become a substantial source of new contacts for a future perspective cooperation of commercial and academic institutions. It offers inspirations in a solution of common and extremly difficult problems as well. It is a brilliant occasion for beginners, students, new established companies to find lots of new useful links out. The conference is well known by significant foregin attendances and a participation of head officials of our partner ANSYS Inc.

The event offers an overview of current ways of development of the ANSYS environment and a wide range of products for individual areas of numerical computations. The conference commonly presents significant results in fields of structural mechanics, CFD, EMAG and multiphysical tasks.